Tom TC
Tom TC
Herr der Seelen

This section is not necessarily only rock related. It contains a wide spectrum of different styles, apart of the Hard Driven Rock played with N.I.C. Some solo stuff, some songs recorded by me with and for friends, jobs for commercials or some material from the past which has never been released or was only available live before. Just as it comes.
All this stuff reflects a wide range of my musical interests and influences.
I'm is addicted to music, still looking for more kick and interesting challanges. Don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you plan your next groundbreaking music project.

After several months of hard recording and mixing work the latest solo album "Still here" has finally reached all popular online stores. 9 hot tracks ranging from soft tunes to hard driven rock. Check out your favorite store or use the links below. And don't forget to spread the word.
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All tracks written, arranged, recorded and produced by Tom TC unless otherwise specified.
Recorded at Mel Pim Studio Vienna.
All tracks written, arranged, recorded and produced by Tom TC. Recorded at Mel Pim Studio Vienna.
Vocal tracks by Sarah Martin. These jingles were produced for streaming radio station Radio Powerplay.
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